Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Attitudes -- Predictors of Entrepreneurial Potential

Which young people have entrepreneurial chops? There's now a test that could help identify the next generation of gifted impresarios. Devised by an academic at Kingston University in South West London, the test identifies students who are more likely than others to start their own business and show a flair for self-employed enterprise.

The test is divided into two sections. The first includes questions about attitudes related to risk-taking measures, creativity, intuition, leadership skills, the amount of control students feel they have over their futures, and the likelihood that they'll set up an enterprise. The second section of the test gathers information about ethnicity, gender and parents' occupations. Currently, the University of Michigan's Kettering University is using the test, as are universities in London universities; Zagreb, Croatia; Australia and South Africa.

Overall, the study showed that boys, private school pupils and young black people are more positive about self-employment than other groups. Self-confidence seems to be the characteristic that most influences a young person's enterprise potential.