Thursday, January 8, 2009

Engineers in the Year 2020

Engineers are forward thinkers who look for problems to solve and, in the process, improve the quality of life, maintain a healthy economy and help the world to adapt to inevitable changes. The National Academy of Engineering is making a case that all of that requires engineering educators and curriculum developers to anticipate shifts in engineering practices and find ways to adapt their programs accordingly. The Academy feels so strongly about the issue that it published a special document presenting scenarios for the future based on current scientific and technological trends. The paper paints a picture of the ideal engineer of 2020 and recommends ways to improve the training of engineers so that they'll be able to address the complex technical, social and ethical questions raised by emerging technologies.A similar article published by expands the discussion -- one that's relevant to every engineer and engineering student.


Sawyer said...

We all know that it is still 9 years to go and there will be lot of change in the Engineering, there will be many more new machines will be invented to reduce the hard work of the humans.
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john said...

Ideal engineers of 2020? I really wonder if the engineering jobs will be able to attract the talents as it used to 15/20 years ago.

All of the top talents from top universities are heading to become financier in Wall Street. US and UK lacking behind on producing enough Engineers and IT experts comparing with India and China. Classified Ads site like this are booming and their job sectiones receive more Finance and banking jobs than anything.

Government should really step in to this and encourage more graduates to become Engineers.